e.motion Speed Pedal Tuning MY17+ XC60/XC90/XC40/S90/V90/S60/V60

Pedal Tune XC60/XC90/XC40/S90/V90/S60/V60

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Our entry-level product is for customers who seek a much sportier driving experience with very minimal cost. Pedal tunning deletes response lag and gives a much gruntier thrust when acceleration and removing the acceleration delay response gives it instant power. Instant power, in and out the streets quick acceleration, and instant gear changes.



By shortening the serial signal delay in the electronic accelerator pedal, the engine power is called up without delay. The more direct response of the engine provides a noticeably more agile driving behavior and better acceleration - without greater workloads on the engine.

Let yourself be positively surprised!

The direct throttle response through HEICO Speed pedal optimization in combination with the increase in power and torque through our e.motion performance enhancement provides the ultimate driving pleasure.

Components developed by HEICO SPORTIV, individually tested and tuned for every model and engine variant.

Scope of delivery
HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® processor-controlled electronic control unit including cable harness.

Simple "plug-and-ride" assembly that requires neither prior technical knowledge nor special tools. Retrofitting is possible at any time. No visual impact due to installation behind the legroom trim.

Up to 60 months / 150.000 km guarantee from first registration. Scope oriented towards to that of the Volvo Warranty


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