Our values and skills are the unique, unwavering kernel of the HEICO SPORTIV brand. As a distinctive, independent market player, dynamic enterprises such as our own must base their business dealings on underlying principles and values – guide rails and benchmarks, so to speak.

What are the qualities behind HEICO’s corporate values? Exclusiveness, excellence, tradition and authenticity.


For us, exclusiveness is not a matter of money, but first and foremost a way of life. It’s about giving people the choice to live out their individual tastes and lifestyles, also in the area of mobility. Sure, one can live very comfortably with mainstream automotive, but isn’t it far more exhilarating to discover and live your own vehicle? To savor the fascination and emotionalization potential of finding one’s exclusive wishes and dreams in one’s very own Volvo? HEICO SPORTIV is the first address for Volvo customers who place emphasis on individualism, personality, uniqueness and character; by the same measure, the principles and facets of all our actions are driven and guided by the aspiration to satisfy those desires.


“Excellence” is a popular, but overused, cliché when it comes to describing the best possible. For us, however, the word serves an entirely different purpose, namely as our motivation for developing products inimitable that enthrall our HEICO clients.

At HEICO SPORTIV, an industrious and motivated team pursues the HEICO philosophy of corporate excellence in all echelons and areas. To rise to this challenge, regular, critical questioning of our actions is essential for successfully adapting to the permanent onslaught of new challenges and opportunities. With the highest demands and technical, creative and social competence, passion and consistency. Day in, day out!


Tradition cannot be bought. It’s based on decades of focusing on a single subject – be it a field of knowledge or a field business. It is the sum of the experiences in that area which mature to proficiencies not conveyable by literature alone. It is about understanding the dependencies, the ability to experience and learn about topics from every single perspective. About knowledge of the fine nuances and details. And about awareness and appreciation of the market. Only with this is it possible to develop a unique quality of brand and product expertise.

Our tradition is founded in continuity, which is also synonymous with reliability – a characteristic that can only be developed with considerable hard work, but once attained, offer employees, customer and trading partners a rare and highly esteemed basis for cooperation.

Monotonous? Dreary? No way! Tradition is exciting, fulfilling and irreplicable.


Life, both private and business, would be so much easier if a given promise, be it an agreed appointment or product characteristic, were also kept. We realize this isn’t always easy in everyday life, but we’ve committed ourselves to taking on the challenge.

For this reason, reliability, openness and holistic integrity play a central role in all our business actions, as do high standards of fairness, courteousness and ethics in our day-to-day dealings with each other.

This not only creates an atmosphere that makes us feel comfortable and supports our passion for excellence, but also ensures that HEICO is an authentic and highly emotional brand.