Volvo S60 V60 Mass Performance Intercooler

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Performance Intercooler, Volvo S60/V60, XC60

Engine Type:   5-Cylinder / 6-Cylinder and / or 4-Cylinder (Drive-e)

Self-designed performance intercooler from do88 keeping charge air temps down, minimising pressure drop to optimise performance of your S60 / V60 Turbo.

This intercooler is immensely optimised to the given space for an easy drop-in-fitment, constructed to deliver the best cooling efficiency when required.  The increased core volume improves cooling efficiency and lower the intake air temperature. The engine pulls better all over the revs and withstands repeated full throttle runs without building heat.

**Note:    Not suitable Volvo XC60 vehicles equipped with Factory Collision System behind the front grille. 


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