Stainless Downpipe incl. Race Catalyst 6-cyl S60 II / V60 / XC60 T6

6-cyl S60 II / V60 / XC60 T6

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Stainless Front Pipe Including 200cell Race Catalyst
Fits to:
Volvo 3.0 T6 AWD
S60 II (134) 304Hp B6304T4. Year: 4/10-12/15 
S60 II (134) 329Hp B6304T3. Year: 4/14-12/15
S60 II (134) Polestar, 351Hp B6304T5. Year: 4/14-16
V60 I (155, 157) 304Hp B6304T4. Year: 7/10-12/15
V60 I (157) R-design 304Hp B6304T5. Year: 2015-16 
V60 I (155, 157) 329Hp B6304T3. Year: 4/14-12/15
V60 I (155, 157) Polestar 351Hp B6304T5. Year: 4/14-16
XC60 (156) 304Hp B6304T4. Year: 3/10-12/17
XC70 II (136) 304Hp B6304T4. Year: 1/10-16 
S80 II (124) 304Hp B6304T4. Year: 10/10-12/16
Remark: Excluding mountingkit. Original is reused

This article is categorized as motorsport product. The catalyst has other values than the originals which can fall outside the set points in the control system, it can make the engine light come on. To avoid trouble codes some optimization of the engine software may be necessary.


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