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Positive mold, a cutting-edge friction technique, is used in the manufacturing process to guarantee constant compressibility, quiet operation, and longer pad life.

Copper and ceramic fibers found in a new premium ceramic composition have been shown to disperse heat.

A wide range of temperatures doesn't affect the stability of Protex ultra friction substance, ensuring consistently great performance.

A less abrasive composition that reduces rotor wear, which is a major contributor to wheel dust

A steel shim is enclosed in specially formulated nitrile rubber as part of the "triple-layer advanced shim technology" to lessen pad vibration, which is a major cause of squeal.

-There may occasionally be more than one type of brake pad available for your vehicle's make and model within the same year range.
-The brake pad image in this advertisement depicts the size and shape of the brake pad you are buying from this advertisement.
-Before making a purchase, please make sure the brake pads' form and dimensions match those of your current brake pads.


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