HEICO SPORTIV sport exhaust systems and mufflers are individually optimized for each model range and engine variant, with a focus on design, sound and performance optimization during the complex development process. Firstly specified are the tailpipe design and dimensions which give HEICO SPORTIV cars their characteristic “right-left optics”. The chromed or polished, ovular, stainless steel tailpipes which are exclusively produced for HEICO SPORTIV exhaust systems are finished with the embossed HEICO SPORTIV Viking Helmet logo.

Special attention is paid to the sound design: HEICO SPORTIV exhaust systems are characterized by their resonant, voluminous sound, the timbre varying with engine speed and model, but always remaining tastefully unobtrusive. For maximum authenticity, real-life driving situations – such as acceleration and braking – are simulated in an acoustic test facility. In addition to this, a Selected Sound® dataset is also developed to control the sound processor and thereby the actuator. As expected, all HEICO SPORTIV sport exhaust systems and mufflers, including Selected Sound®, fulfill the applicable noise and emissions regulations, and come with a registration-free EC certificate.

Besides their exclusive design and sound as primary hallmarks, HEICO SPORTIV exhaust systems also optimize the engine performance, especially of Otto engines. Precisely computed exhaust streams produce optimum counter-pressure, while the perfectly dimensioned tailpipe and muffler improve engine performance and response. Model-dependent, this can be as much as 5 kW of additional power and 15 Nm extra torque.

All HEICO SPORTIV exhaust systems are exclusively crafted in high-quality stainless steel, and are distinguished by their unsurpassed fitting accuracy and OEM-quality production.


Exhaust System