HEICO SPORTIV chassis stand for dynamic driving with no loss of comfort, their sport shock absorbers and lowering springs individually tuned, tested and produced for each engine variant. Only reputable OEM suppliers, such as Eibach and Bilstein, are commissioned with producing the precisely specified components used in our chassis – that’s what makes HEICO SPORTIV setups truly unique to HEICO SPORTIV!

While sport springs are primarily used to lower the car, sport chassis improve the driving dynamics of the vehicle as a whole. The mutually attuned springs and shock absorbers give a firmer, sportier overall configuration. With greater longitudinal and lateral acceleration, and a reduction in superstructure pitch, drivers experience precise and safe braking characteristics with no loss of driving comfort. As all cars are lowered by around 30mm, they also guarantee unrestricted use in every-day conditions such as in multi-level carparks and underground parking facilities. The same applies to Selected Level®, the technology for lowering Volvo’s adaptive air suspension.

All products naturally come with the necessary registration certificates and guaranteed deliverability of expendable parts.

The underlying know-how of our sport chassis originates from the racetrack, however, where the successful and harmonious tuning of sport chassis necessitates a great deal of intuition and experience. For decades, HEICO SPORTIV has been using the Nürburgring’s legendary Nordschleife and other reference racetracks as its testing grounds for simulating perfect conditions such as those found on an American highway or a Swabian rural road. Martin Müller is the man behind every HEICO SPORTIV sport chassis. A driver in HEICO SPORTIV motorsports team, he has been responsible for chassis tuning from Day 1. “Off the racetrack and on to the road” – a slogan that’s practiced at HEICO SPORTIV and is truly the case.


Chassis Technology