HEICO SPORTIV Package of quad outlet exhaust and rear bumper cover insert with integrated diffuser V40, TYPE 525, D3/D4 (EC79/A8/D4204T14)

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A smart combination: The HEICO SPORTIV rear skirt alonge with the exhaust system.

The PUR-R-RIM (reinforced polyurethane plastic) rear skirt dictates the form of a diffusor and snuggly encloses the exhaust system’s left and right arranged oval end pipes. Similarly to the serial parts, the rear skirt is attached to the original anchorage points, thereby guaranteeing low assembly costs and perfect, Volvo-quality fitting. The four oval tailpipes have a diameter of 120x74 mm, are coated black on the inside with a high-gloss chrome finish on the outside, and bear the HEICO SPORTIV logo. All HEICO SPORTIV exhaust systems, manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, naturally comply with relevant EU noise and exhaust gas regulations and have an EG-ABE operating permit.



- No registration necessary
- For HEICO SPORTIV quad outlet sport exhaust
- Rear skirt unpainted / painted available
- Easy installation, clipped and screwed
- Also for cars with PDC
- Permission depending on country



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