e.motion® XC60, Typ 156, T6 (EC49/B4204T9), AWD, AT, MY16-18

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HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® stands for “efficiency in motion”, HEICO SPORTIV’s proprietary technology for efficient Volvo power enhancement. Consisting of a second, equivalent engine control unit, it can be installed and enabled in two shakes thanks to its simple and elegant Plug & Play technology.

HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® does not optimize, but perceptibly boosts the performance. It optimally exploits the engine’s existing potential by means of uncompromising yet harmonious fine-tuning technologies. HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® does not override, but works in parallel with the original control unit, acting as an autarkical second “brain”. The intelligent control electronics captures all the relevant engine data and selectively improvesthe performance and torque. The result: a significant improvement in acceleration and elasticity, responsiveness and top speed combined with optimized fuel consumption.


+ 24 HP (17 kW)

+ 80 Nm

- 0,8 s (0-100 km/h)

230 km/h (el. limited) 




- up tp 60 months / 150,000 km guarantee* from first registration; scope and claim settlement analogous to that of VOLVO Manufacturer Guarantee**
- Incl. certification §19 StVZO
- Installed by authorized Volvo dealership
- No impact on standard fuel-consumption and CO2 emission values
- Soldered wiring harness
- Can be combined with Volvo PRO, Volvo PRO New Car Extension Guarantee and VOLVOSELEKT (country-dependent)
- Please check if a conformity certificate for your engine and gearbox is given (CH)
- Not in connection with other manufacturers’ tuning products
- Plus registration
- 98 octane fuel necessary

* in accordance with the terms of guarantee
** country-specific


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