Selected Sound® XC60, Type 246, D4/D5 (EC A8/68/D4204T14/T23) MY 18

Not applicable for vehicles with AdBlue®/SCR

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This innovative Selected Sound® system from HEICO SPORTIV is installed in connection with the original muffler and can be combined with all Volvo rear apron variants. For design connoisseurs, HEICO SPORTIV also offers a proprietary rear apron with a quad end-pipe accommodation package. Selected Sound® comprises a pre-muffler and application-specific cable harness, as well as a sound processor and actuator. The system is installed quickly and easily to the CAN bus interface using “Plug & Ride” technology.

Selected Sound® is based on the following principle: driving characteristic-relevant data – such as speed, rpm, load status and accelerator position – are passed directly from the CAN bus to the sound processor. The processor is connected to the actuator which converts the electrical signals into acoustic ones, thereby generating the desired acoustic pattern of a burly V8 engine. Selected Sound® is automatically enabled when the engine is started, with Drive Mode allowing users to choose between standard four-cylinder sound or pure eight-cylinder ecstasy.


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