Dual Outlet Sport Exhaust V40CC, Type 526, T3/T4/T5 (EC M37/41/40/63/61/B4204T37/19/11/B5224T12/T09)

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HEICO SPORTIV sound system - Dual Outlet Sport Exhaust V40CC

This twin-pipe exhaust system specially designed and tuned for every engine model, inspires with its unmistakable “left-right design” and powerful sound. Precisely calculated exhaust streams generate ideal counter pressure, perfect piping and silencer dimensions provide for optimum engine power and response. The two oval tailpipes have a diameter of 120x74 mm, are coated black on the inside with a high-gloss chrome finish on the outside, and carry the HEICO SPORTIV logo. All HEICO SPORTIV exhaust systems, manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, naturally comply with relevant noise and exhaust gas regulations and have an EEC Type-Approval certificate.

Part No. H2521429    Dual Outlet Sport Exhaust V40CC, Type 526, T3/T4/T5 (EC M37/41/40/63/61/B4204T37/19/11 /B5224T12/T09)


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